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Possible Names for Contestant Family Members

So yeah, I had a few thoughts about what the names of certain contestant family members, and since the contestants are likely named after Fresh TV crew members and the people they knew (i.e. Scott (named after Scott McCord), Chris (likely named after Christian Potenza)), I’ll go with that. Now, I’ll only do the family members that have been shown (with the exception of Amy and Samey since they have competed, Leshaniqua, and Jose because his name was mentioned before his appearance in Suckers Punched), so here goes nothing.

First off, let’s start with the creepfest that is Cameron’s mother (she’s staring into your soul….)

I’ll name Cameron’s mother “Emma." You may know Cameron’s voice actor, Kevin Duhaney, as the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Of the rangers in the series (red, blue, yellow, black, and white), only one is female, which is the Yellow Ranger. Since Emma Lahana was the Yellow Ranger, I went with her when thinking of a name for this character.

Next up, we have DJ’s mother.

This one was a bit difficult since none of Cle Bennett’s other appearances were well-known. However; Cle played a main role in a TV series called The Line. Cle portrayed a recently-paroled drug dealer named “Carlos,” who had an ex-girlfriend named Lucie. Since Lucie is portrayed by Sarah Manninen, I’ll name DJ’s mother “Sarah.

Okay, now let’s try Duncan’s parents.

For Duncan’s father, I’ll name him “Drew” since Duncan’s voice actor is Drew Nelson. As for Duncan’s Mother, I’ll go with the name “Natalie.” Why? Well, for one, I planned on naming Courtney’s mother “Emilie.” Two, Drew Nelson portrayed Matt Sayles in The Strain. Matt Sayles is the live-in boyfriend of Kelly Goodwether, who was portrayed by Natalie Brown. As a bonus, I’ll name the parole officer “Peter" considering that the parole officer is proto-Tyler and Tyler’s voice actor is Peter Oldring.

Now for Gwen’s mother and brother.

For Gwen’s Mother, you already know that I named her “Megan,” which was written in the erotic fanfiction Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn. In the story, Gwen’s mother spends two weeks as one of the guests of Universal Restraints Inn. The same name I used was also used in CDB2’s Halloween Jam journal. My reason for naming Gwen’s mother “Megan” was because Gwen’s voice actress is Megan Fahlenbock. For Gwen’s brother, I’ll name him “Terry" due to Terry McGurrin’s role in 6Teen as Jonesy’s voice actor. That and Megan Fahlenbock was Jen Masterson, so it would only make sense to use the name of the voice actor for Jonesy.

Next up, there’s Heather’s parents.

I have named Heather’s mother “Rachel" since Heather’s voice actress is Rachel Wilson. Naming Heather’s father was a doozy, though.Rachel Wilson was in Breaker High, and after some thought, I decided to name him “Cori" after Breaker High’s creator: Cori Stern.

Next up is Lightning’s father, and jeez! Will he turn around already?

I’ll just name him “Tyrone" after Lightning’s voice actor, Tyrone Savage.

Speaking of easy naming, let’s go for Owen’s parents.

Considering that Owen was Total Drama’s first winner, I decided to name his mother and father “Jennifer" and "Tom" respectively. This is simply because the show’s creators were Tom McGillis and Jennifer Perstch.

Lastly, here’s Sierra’s mother, who also decides to stare into your soul.

I’ll just name her “Annick" after Sierra’s voice actress, Annick Obonsawin.

So yeah, there you have it. Feel free to like and reblog this if you wish.

So yeah, I’m not sure if someone attempted this before, but I decided to use this chart and pixel-scaling to measure the heights of the cast of Super Mario Bros. This is what I got.:

  1. Boo: 2’5⅛” (43 pixels)
  2. Goomba: 2’6½” (45 pixels)
  3. Baby Mario: 3’” (54 pixels)
  4. Baby Luigi: 3’1¼” (55 pixels)
  5. Shy Guy: 3’4” (60 pixels)
  6. Toad: 3’5⅜” (61 pixels)
  7. Toadette: 3’5⅜” (61 pixels)
  8. Toadsworth: 3’5⅜” (61 pixels)
  9. Dixie Kong (on fours): 3’9⅜” (67 pixels)
  10. Diddy Kong (on fours): 3’10⅛” (68 pixels)
  11. Koopa Troopa: 4’⅛” (71 pixels)
  12. Koopa Paratroopa: 4’⅛” (71 pixels)
  13. Dry Bones: 4’¾” (72 pixels)
  14. Bowser Jr. 4’4¼” (77 pixels)
  15. Bullet Bill (length): 4’6¼” (80 pixels)
  16. Hammer Bros (and variants): 4’8¼” (83 pixels)
  17. Mario: 5’1” (90 pixels; Base Height)
  18. Lakitu (hair to bottom of cloud): 5’5¾” (97 pixels)
  19. Wario: 5’6⅜” (98 pixels)
  20. Luigi: 5’8½” (101 pixels)
  21. Yoshi: 5’8½” (101 pixels)
  22. Daisy (crown excluded): 5’9¾” (103 pixels)
  23. Piranha Plant: 5’9¾” (103 pixels) (Varies; some may extend for over 50 feet)
  24. Peach (crown excluded): 5’11⅞” (106 pixels)
  25. Donkey Kong (on fours): 5’11⅞” (106 pixels)
  26. Birdo (from the top of the bow down): 6’3⅞” (112 pixels)
  27. Waluigi: 6’11⅜” (123 pixels)
  28. Wiggler (with flower): 7’2¾” (128 pixels)
  29. Bowser: 8’4⅜” (148 pixels) (varies by game; height listed is “normal” height)
  30. Petey Piranha: 12’7⅞” (224 pixels)

So yeah, there’s that. There are far more Mario characters that exist, but these are the 30 characters that were put in the poster, and this poster was made before Rosalina became popular. Speaking of Rosalina, I recently determined her height as 6’8⅞”. Now, due to the low resolution of the chart (768x383), this is rather inaccurate. Well, enjoy.

You know… Something tells me that Sugar and Trina both seem rather similar. I mean really…

1. They both go apeshit against even the friendliest people in their respective series, I mean look.:

And to think, they both lost it over minor stuff. Not only that, but they only seem to care about THEMSELVES. Don’t believe me? Try this for size.:

"You Scuff My Pagaent Shoes And I’ll Toss You Out The Window!" ~Sugar

"Anyone but me!?!"~Trina

Of course who could forget their love interests… For Sugar, it’s Leonard:

For Trina, it’s Nick Mallory.:

Let’s not forget that they won’t stop at anything to accomplish their goals. In Sugar’s case, it’s winning the competition…

…even if it means pushing people off of a mountain.

For Trina, it’s getting rid of Grojband…

…even if it means killing Grojband in a way that would be too graphic to show in a TV-PG cartoon.

Of course they both failed, even showing they did. Sugar gets shot…

…out of a cannon after singing something that was clearly meant for auditioning for a guest role in Smosh.

Trina, on the other hand…

…enters a state of rage that makes her potentially omnipotent (as stated by Neptoon) for 20 seconds. Oh, and at the end…

…Trina gets owned by Mina.

So yeah, plenty of things have shown that Sugar and Trina are quite similar to each other.

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