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Storyboard vs Episode

So yeah, I decided to look back at the storyboard for the second half of Total Drama Pahkitew Island’s first episode. Here are the differences I noticed.

1. In the storyboard, Topher winked at the camera in his first confessional. In the episode, the wink was absent.

2. In the storyboard, after Sugar said “We got a wizard on our team!”, Ella appeared singing and ballet-dancing. In the episode, after Sugar’s line, the scene cut straight to Chef shooting tennis balls at people.

3. In the storyboard, Chris pushed Topher off of the rock Chris and Chef were standing on, and Topher was rolling on the ground. In the episode, Chef threw Topher off of the rock, and Topher ‘s landing was more “solid”.

4. In the storyboard, Jasmine jumped to the left side of the screen. In the episode, Jasmine ran to the right side of the screen.

5. There was a peculiar difference with how Ella spoke in her first confessional. In the episode, her tone of voice was entirely normal, but the in the storyboard, the second half involves her speaking in baby-talk to a bird.

6. In the storyboard, Beardo made no sound effects when Sky finished telling Dave and Beardo about her plan. In the episode, Beardo made a bell-ringing effect, which I assume is similar to something related to the sea.

7. In the storyboard, Max was shown defending himself with a wooden board until Dave came along to distract Chef. In the episode, Max was not even there.

8. In the storyboard, Beardo’s appearance had no specific reason behind it. In the episode, Sky sent Beardo in.

9. In the storyboard, Beardo’s slow-mo run was more detailed, and he made bionic/robotic sounds along the way. In the episode, Beardo’s slow-mo run was associated with a slow-mo battle cry.

10. In the storyboard, Dave’s line was “You’re bionic? Seriously?!” In the episode, Dave’s line was “Why are you running in slow motion?”

11. In the storyboard, Scarlett pulled the wagon with both of her arms. In the episode, she only used one arm.

12. In the storyboard, Max’s line was “Hehe… Genius.” In the episode, Max’s line was “Pull faster, minion, before we’re—” before getting hit in the schnozz.

13. In the storyboard, Max’ line was “Ahh! My nose has an owie!” In the episode, Max simply said “Oww!”

14. In the storyboard, the scene with Team Kinosewak building their shelter came before the scene with Max trying to form a hideout in a cave. In the episode, both scenes were flipped around.

15. In the storyboard, Max’s line was “Ohh! What a perfect evil lair!” In the episode, Max’s line was “An evil genius needs and evil lair to do his bidding. This cave will be perfect!”

16. In the storyboard, Max ran out of the cave because it was dark. In the episode, Max was frightened by a group of bats along with the darkness.

17. In the storyboard, the confessional blacked out, and Max squealed “Mother!” This scene was absent in the episode.

18. In the storyboard, Jasmine questioned about Max’s whereabouts. In the episode, she didn’t.

19. In the storyboard, the scene was expected to scroll towards Team Maskwak. In the episode, the scene zoomed out from a bale of hay.

20. In the storyboard, Dave’s line was “Would you please just stop for a minute?!” In the episode, Dave’s line was “Could you please stop making sound effects already?!”

21. At the beginning of said scene, Dave was simply leaning. In the episode, Dave’s hands were on his hand, clearly showing his frustration towards Beardo.

22. In the storyboard, Sky’s line was simply “What do we do first, Leonard?” In the episode, the sentence “We gotta hurry!” was added.

23. In the storyboard, only Ella cheered. In the episode, everyone on Team Maskwak but Beardo and Dave cheered.

24. In the storyboard, Dave simply groaned. In the episode, Dave shouted, “Really?!”

25. The storyboard showed Amy falling over at the time Rodney caught Jasmine. In the episode, Amy wasn’t seen when the camera was pointed at Rodney and Jasmine. Perhaps Rodney was originally supposed to be closer to Amy.

26. In the storyboard, Chris’s line was “This island is a little more wild than the last one. Stampedes of wild animals and such.” In the episode, the second sentence of the line was replaced with a laugh.

27. In the storyboard, Dave’s line was “Ugh… Shut it!” In the episode, Dave’s line was “Zip it!”

28. In the storyboard, Beardo’s trumpeting slowed down to a stop. In the episode, the trumpeting was abruptly stopped with a record-scratching noise.

29. In the storyboard, Dave’s line was “Well, this is useless. There’s no doors!” The second sentence was removed in the episode.

30. In the storyboard, both Sugar and Ella were shown when Sugar tossed glitter at the tower. In the episode, only Ella’s right hand was seen. I’m guessing it’s because of how wide Sugar is.

31. In the storyboard, Dave is sprinkled by glitter. In the episode, the glitter rain was absent, although the original poof was still there.

32. In the storyboard, Dave’s line was “Where’s he going?” In the episode, Dave’s line was “Where’s Shawn going?”

33. In the storyboard, Chris’s line was “A wizard’s tower, huh? Very, very impressive.” In the episode, Chris’s line was “Team Maskwak! A wizard’s tower, huh?”

34. In the storyboard, Leonard gave Dave a nudge. In the episode, both Dave and Leonard simply looked at Chris. Leonard nodded and Dave groaned.

35. In the storyboard, Leonard jumped behind the tower to protect himself against the stampede. In the episode, Leonard huddled on the ground, cowering as the moose seemingly trampled him.

36. In the storyboard, Leonard’s line was simply “Huzzah!” In the episode, Leonard’s line was “Huzzah! The beasts of Pahkitew Island are no match for my wizard’s tower!”

37. In the storyboard, the downfall of the wizard’s tower was caused by the stampede. In the episode, the tower’s downfall was caused by Leonard’s left hand patting on a support rock.

38. In the storyboard, Chris was near the tower at the time of its downfall. In the episode, Chris wasn’t there.

39. In the storyboard, Dave, and Sugar were watching the tower’s downfall, with Ella popping up later. In the episode, Dave, Sugar, and Ella were all watching the whole time.

40. In the storyboard, Leonard’s arms were spread out when attempting to cast a force field. In the episode, Leonard’s arms were pointed at the collapsing tower.

41. In the storyboard, Leonard was going to say “Huzzah!” until a rock hit him on the head, knocking him out. In the episode, Leonard said “It worked!” and no falling rock was present.

So yeah, there’s every difference I could find between the episode’s storyboard and the actual episode. Every scene was organized by the time they appeared in the episode itself

When Did Total Drama Take Place?

Total Drama Island: Summer 2007. The first season aired on July 10, 2007 over at Canada. Assuming that shows take place at the time they debuted unless otherwise stated, Total Drama has started in 2007.

Total Drama Action: Summer/Fall 2007. Beth told Lindsay that it only has been two days since Total Drama Island. Two days.

Total Drama World Tour: Winter/Spring 2008: Sierra celebrates Cody’s birthday in the episode she gets disqualified. Cody is born on April 1.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island: Summer 2010. Chris states that it has been three years since Total Drama Island in one of the episodes. This means that this season aired in 2010.

Total Drama All Stars: Summer 2011. Chris has been in prison for one year.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island: Summer 2012. This is simply assuming that the series took on the summer camp tactic.

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