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You know… Something tells me that Sugar and Trina both seem rather similar. I mean really…

1. They both go apeshit against even the friendliest people in their respective series, I mean look.:

And to think, they both lost it over minor stuff. Not only that, but they only seem to care about THEMSELVES. Don’t believe me? Try this for size.:

"You Scuff My Pagaent Shoes And I’ll Toss You Out The Window!" ~Sugar

"Anyone but me!?!"~Trina

Of course who could forget their love interests… For Sugar, it’s Leonard:

For Trina, it’s Nick Mallory.:

Let’s not forget that they won’t stop at anything to accomplish their goals. In Sugar’s case, it’s winning the competition…

…even if it means pushing people off of a mountain.

For Trina, it’s getting rid of Grojband…

…even if it means killing Grojband in a way that would be too graphic to show in a TV-PG cartoon.

Of course they both failed, even showing they did. Sugar gets shot…

…out of a cannon after singing something that was clearly meant for auditioning for a guest role in Smosh.

Trina, on the other hand…

…enters a state of rage that makes her potentially omnipotent (as stated by Neptoon) for 20 seconds. Oh, and at the end…

…Trina gets owned by Mina.

So yeah, plenty of things have shown that Sugar and Trina are quite similar to each other.


Looking for blogs to follow so repost if you post any or all of these shows or movies

-total drama
-regular show
-adventure time
-teen titans go
-teen titans
-tom and jerry
-dexters laboratory
-gravity falls
-princess and the frog
-meet the robinsons




Get to know me : Favourite childhood games

↳ Pokémon Stadium

The Lickitung one was always my fave =3, especially with the reaction to the bad suchi lol

I broke my pinkie once trying to imitate those Ekans on a trampoline…

Ouch. I remember I was playing the Ekans game and all four of us won. I also remember the Clefairy and Drowzee games were damn near impossible for me as a kid. The latter mainly cuz I kept pressing A not knowing I had to hit the pendulum when it came to the red arrow. The Lickitung game was my favorite too next to the Sandshrew game.

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